A Syrian Love Story

A film by Sean McAllister

After watching A Syrian Love Story, how can you help?

The conflict in Syria is now well into its fifth year. Over 4 million Syrian refugees have fled to neighbouring countries and see no prospect of returning home in the near future. The UN reports that over 7.5 million Syrians have now been internally displaced. Estimates say that over 220,000 people have now lost their lives as a result of the conflict. Over 12 million people in Syria are in desperate need of humanitarian aid such as food, water and shelter. Many live under siege.

“When the people that I want to communicate with watch A Syrian Love Story they can no longer watch the Calais ‘crisis’ on TV news and just see ‘swarms or ‘floods’ of faceless figures (as Cameron likes to call them) trying to flee Syria and enter Europe of the UK as if they are coming to steal something from us... They will know Amer, Raghda, Kaka and beautiful little Bob and see a family full of love, that laugh and cry and live and who have many friends who have died... and through this film, shot sensitively with love over 5 years, open themselves in rare way for the world to see, fighting, drinking dancing, dreaming... all the things the news doesn’t have time for, all the things that documentary has and should do, to challenge all the stereotypes of what we film and show life as it is.”

Help vital organisations inside Syria

On the ground in Syria, support the White Helmets: www.whitehelmets.org

Syria Civil Defence, a volunteer search and rescue workers from local communities, risking their lives to save others. To date, they have delivered public services to nearly 7 million people, including reconnecting electrical cables, providing safety information to children and securing buildings. They are the largest civil society organisation operating in areas outside of government control, and their actions provide hope for millions.

UK and international appeals

Sharing the message and staying in touch!

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